8000W Digital Cool Fluorescent Light Kit


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MFR Code: FK8000 Britek
The 8000W fluorescent light kit is the most powerful fluorescent lighting kit we have ever assembled in our fluorescent lighting system, using two 40X40, one 32X32 inch soft boxes and four powerful 240W bulbs on each light bank.
This fluorescent lighting kit delivers strong and powerful illumination that is ideal for still photography as well as filmmaking since higher wattage output gives you a wider range of exposure and shutter speed. In some cases, higher wattage output is very important because it allows you to use higher f-stops on your camera in order to acquire depth of field. The PE9110 used this kit has the capability of switching different levels of output, making your subject more dimensional and enhancing contrast to reflect the difference in skin tones. This continuous fluorescent lighting is best for taking larger number of group photos in formal events, such as large wedding receptions, prom parties, graduation photos, family photo shoots, and so on.
The major advantage of the 240W fluorescent bulbs is that the powerful bulbs do not only illuminate a large space with sufficient amount of brightness, but also create a smooth texture that simulate the results done by using s strobe lighting kits. For users who consider lower output fluorescent lighting kit, 5800W or 2800W Fluorescent Lighting Kit could be the options, but it uses the lightweight 8308 light stand with carrying bags to enhance the mobility of the kit.
In short, this fluorescent lighting kit is specially designed for handling group photo shoots and for the enthusiastic photographers. Soon you will realize taking great group photos has never been this easy!
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FK8000 8000W Digital Cool Fluorescent Light Kit  
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9064 Softbox for Fluorescent Light PE9060 1 $44.99 
8310 8310 Senior Compact Stand 1 $49.99 
2020L Large Carry Bag (24"x23"x13") 1 $11.99 
2020S Small Carry Bag for (18"x8"x9") 1 $7.99 
3178-1 Large Carry Bag 1 $12.99 
5310 Giant Light Stand 2 $129.98 
9054 Softbox for PE9050, 9080, 9110, 9260 2 $107.98 
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