Support Systems and Backgrounds

The support system and background is an essential part of any studio. From glamour shoots to product photograph, a dependable support system and a background is always needed. Here at Linco, we offer simple setup, sturdily built professional support systems and backgrounds that will last a long time.

Support systems are available in single or triple crossbar(s). Also, we have available sets with multi-color backgrounds. These support systems and backgrounds are perfect for any studio. These professional sets comes with a triple cross bar support system as well as three different color Chroma-key background.

The Chroma-key professional background is perfect for your studio, video production, and digital photography. The Chroma-key background is made of heavy duty non-glare 100% cotton muslin which does not reflect light. These Chroma-key backgrounds are perfect if you want to add a blue screen effect to your images and video. The Chroma-Key process is based on the Luminance key.

In a luminance key, everything in the image over a set brightness level is "keyed" out and replaced by either another image or a color from a color generator. Use chroma-key with this support system and chroma-key background to layer your images.

Imagine the possibilities and extended creativity offered to you when you can take photos of individual scene elements and mold and layer them together in Photoshop!
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Linco#4145-H-2 9 x15 PORTABLE BACKGROUND SUPPORT WITH Triple Mount
This is a high quality heavy-duty backdrop support system, perfect for in studio or on location shoots where sheer strength must be. This system will give you years of durable service, also combined with portability and easy set-up. This High quality backdrop support system is with 4 sections cross bar, 4 section stands, 3 risers, a set of Triple Mount.

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Price $214.94$129.99

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